Why Go Out To Eat?

I admit it.  I hate to go out to eat!  “WHY?” my friends always ask me.  The reason is, we love to cook at home.  My husband Eric is a great cook and he enjoys doing it (for the most part).  I prefer to bake and I don’t mind cleaning up (for the most part). This works for us.  We’ve also gotten our 2 kids in on it.  Kelly loves to cook and Andrew is okay cleaning up.  We can make better-for-us food at home less expensively while spending quality time together.  What could be more perfect?

So, I’ll be posting about the things we like to make.  As I said, I’m the baker plus the drink, dessert & candy maker.  Eric is the main cook.  Kelly will cook or play sous-chef for Eric when she is home on weekends.  Andrew is not home too much right now, but he does whatever is needed, especially taste testing!

We’ve lived in (or near) some great food towns-Chicago, Philadelphia & Boston and traveled to so many more, both in the US of A and abroad.  Our combined heritage is Italian, Irish, German & English, but we love experimenting with many other cultures.  I’d call us foodies if it wasn’t so overused!  Sit back, read, enjoy and maybe even try a few things.  And by all means, let me know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Why Go Out To Eat?

  1. Linda….. You should have started this years ago. Awesome idea!
    Keep me posted. Miss your Christmas treats at school.
    Take care and cheers to you! Diane

  2. Linda…how exciting for you! Please keep me on your blog updates list. I am always looking for something new; and I especially enjoy recipes that include foods that are in season and local to the region (still Midwest for me). Enjoy your adventure:) Cheryl

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